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All services are included except for the following: Asperger, Autism and Learning Disabilities
  • Apartment and Utilities Costs
  • Food, Clothing, Personal Items
  • Educational Tuition
  • Health Care/Insurance
Initial Costs:
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee of $75

New Directions tuition includes:

Entry Levels of Support range from $21,900 (Per Year) to $41,800 (Per Year)
(not including room + board, college classes and/or vocational courses)

In addition:

Our comprehensive services are delivered in one location. Not only is communication between our professional staff seamless and clinically effective, it gives families peace of mind.

An academic liaison who ensures each student is registered for the appropriate classes based on the students skill set and instruction level, monitors student progress and participation, establishes a relationship with the school’s Office of Disability Services and provides disability awareness among students, faculty and staff.

A doctoral level case managers monitors progress and are the primary contact for parents.

Mentors facilitate the guided application of newly learned social skills.

A resident advisor lives in the apartment complex and helps students navigate daily life, plan and participate in social events, and manage routine household matters.

Levels of Support
The New Directions Program has expanded its services with the introduction of Levels of Support.

Students move through the appropriate levels receiving the best services possible while moving toward completion of a degree at a local college or university, building a career and learning to live independently.

Students can:

Enter at their appropriate level

Retain a familiar support system as they student progresses toward their career and independence

Enjoy campus life by living at a nearby college or university while maintaining New Directions supports

Tax Deductibility
In accordance with IRS Regulation 1.213-1(e)(1)(v)(a) a medical deduction is allowed for the cost of tuition when a school meets the definition of a "special school" for physically or mentally handicapped individuals. The definition of a "special school" is a school where the primary purpose of the school is to enable students to compensate for handicaps in order to prepare them for future normal education and/or normal living.

The program at New Directions meets this definition, as its primary goal is to assist students in earning a degree in college and with developing skills necessary for employment and living independently in the community. Applicants considering deducting New Directions tuition on their federal income tax returns should consult with a tax advisor on this matter.

Social Security Income
Program costs may be partially defrayed through S.S.I. payments that some students are eligible for. We encourage students to apply for these prior to admission.

Insurance Reimbursements
New Directions, upon request, will provide a statement of clinical sessions to submit to insurance company for reimbursement.

Financial Assistance - SLM Financial, a Sallie Mae company

  • Full-time student - Call for Pricing
  • Outreach student – Varies upon each individual and the services needed - Call for Pricing

Please contact Dr. Rubin directly for program pricing information.
Our contact info can be found under the contact list.

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